The Big ‘O’ – A misunderstood musical genius

August 16, 2014

We’re really excited to have John Wells bringing back all our favourite Big ‘O’ hits this month.

Orbison was an extremely talented performer best known for his trademark sunglasses, distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads.

Our favourite story about Roy was how he developed his image. Life magazine called him an “anonymous celebrity”, however the trademark look may have been more accidental in nature as he didn’t have a PR machine behind him in his early days. His early single sleeves didn’t even feature his picture.

After leaving his thick eyeglasses on an airplane in 1962 or 1963, Orbison was forced to wear his prescription Wayfarer sunglasses on stage and found that he preferred them. His biographers suggest that although he had a good sense of humour and was never morose, Orbison was very shy and suffered from severe stage fright; wearing sunglasses helped him hide somewhat from the attention. The ever-present sunglasses led some people to assume, then and now, that the stationary performer was blind.

The black clothes and desperation in his songs led to an aura of mystery and introversion. Years later Orbison said, “I wasn’t trying to be weird, you know? I didn’t have a manager who told me to dress or how to present myself or anything. But the image developed of a man of mystery and a quiet man in black somewhat of a recluse, although I never was, really.”

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