Contemporary (Post 1975) Veterans Ladies Group

November 17, 2014

Contemporary (Post 1975) Veterans Ladies Group

We are very excited to hopefully get this off the ground and running! Read on, and please SHARE with your friends and family around the region …

We have several currently-serving and ex-servicewomen known to us in the region, but have no real idea of actual numbers. At Geelong, we thought of creating a social group specifically for women – currently serving, ex-service and including partners of both currently-serving and ex-servicemen – of the younger age group (post 1975).

Apart from a purely social group, the idea is to create the opportunity for women to help and support women who have ADF service in common.

Once established, we hope to deal with women-specific issues; pensions/claims/advocacy for example.
The intent of setting up this group is not to isolate women in particular, nor is it a sexist thing, but the ADF world and beyond seems to be more male orientated and with so many servicewomen around we want to make sure you aren’t left in the dark…

Spearheading the group is Suzanne Baker, ex-Navy, with the Geelong RSL Sub-branch supporting it fully. The group welcomes you (and your munchkins too) so please, let us know if you, or someone you may know around the region would like to participate!

See the committee contact page to get in touch for more information.

We really would love to hear from you ladies… Don’t be shy