Geelong RSL golf club

Becoming a financial member of Geelong RSL opens the path to becoming a member of Geelong’s RSL Golf Club. Founded in 1994, the RSL golf club is open for anybody to join, as long as they are a current financial member of the Geelong RSL. And unlike some golf clubs where membership can almost break the bank, membership starts from as low as only $10.


The club’s handicaps range from scratch to 20 for A Division and from 21 to 36 for B Division. Seniors aged 75 and over with a handicap of 27 or more can play off red/green markers except in championship events.


Club championships in each division are decided on a final-round countback, if required. Best three of four rounds count. Handicaps: Division A 0-19, Division B 20-26, Division C 27-36.

The Geelong RSL golf club has a free annual dinner, with golfers needing to play four games to qualify.

Geelong RSL golf locations

Geelong RSL 5241 1766
Bannockburn 5281 1377
Barwon Valley 5243 5443
East Geelong 5229 3634
Lara 5282 1582
Queenscliff 5258 1951
Torquay 5261 2005

If you would like to become a Geelong RSL golfer, please contact the club or any golf committee member. Details appear below. And remember to join the Geelong RSL club to share in its numerous benefits and attractions.

Laurie Wanders

  • 5250 4893

John Cutler

  • 0418 685 958

John Burton

  • 0437 102 170 or 5243 8881

Merv Cornelius

  • 0434 122 631