Geelong RSL welfare

The Geelong RSL’s Wellbeing and Advocacy support services is the core value of our RSL Sub Branch and we are here to offer services to all veterans and their families within the Geelong region. If you are in need of assistance, please contact either MILVET (1300 645 838) or via email on or Reception at Geelong Hub on (03) 9960 3600. If in need of crisis services please call 1800 011 046 including after hours through Open Arms.

The Geelong RSL Sub Branch Wellbeing Support services and veteran support services provide all serving, and ex serving members and dependants with individual assistance to cater for their specific needs .

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Do I need to be an RSL member to gain assistance.
A. No, the Geelong RSL doesn’t discriminate against non-members

Q. Do I need to have been deployed to get help?
A. No, the ADF’s definition of a veteran is anyone who has put on a uniform.

Q. Will my assistance become public knowledge?
A. No, Geelong RSL complies with the privacy Act and all information is held in confidence.

Q. What kind of assistance can you offer?
A. At Geelong RSL we can assist with financial support i.e. utility bills, advocacy support, accommodation support, food and fuel vouchers, wellbeing support through a wide range of government agencies.